Specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

At CFV, we offer specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation services by our resident physio and coach, Mike. He has been working with CrossFitters for 10 years now and has been successfully helping them continue to train and return to full fitness again.
Here’s a little comment from Mike:

‘I love helping people lead a healthy and happy life! Not being able to exercise because of an injury can have a huge impact on people. That’s why I’ll always focus on helping people modify their training so they can continue to do the things they love doing. Having a deep understanding of the movements in CrossFit and the demands they place on your body, are essential in helping you recover from injury. I have always found that combining my physio and coaching expertise is the best approach to long term successful recovery from injury.’

A typical physio session will typically involve assessment, movement analysis in the gym or in the treatment room, some manual treatment and exercise rehabilitation. You’ll leave knowing what’s causing your issues and importantly a plan of how to fix them.

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Duration of physiotherapy consultation COST
60 MINUTES £75