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Talk to a coach, discuss your goals and check out our gym facility to see what CrossFit Central London and Vauxhall are all about. Feel free to bring a friend if you like.

book your no sweat intro today


Book your FREE “No Sweat Intro” Consultation


It’s a great way for you to see if CrossFit Central London and Vauxhall are a good fit for you. We’ll also answer all your questions about membership, pricing and our fitness programs including CrossFit, nutrition coaching and one-on-one personal training.



What is CrossFit?
What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?
How can you tailor training to suit my needs?
If I do want to compete, how does that work?
What kind of results can I expect?
How often should I come?
What’s the difference between CrossFit and Bootcamp?
What is the incubator and do I have to do it?
How long until I see results?

book your no sweat intro today


Jump straight in and book yourself into the Incubator to start training

6 week Training Incubator


Five, half hour one on one PT sessions with a Coach

1 month of Beginners classes

2 meetings with a coach

1 set of weight, body measurements and before photos (you’ll want them in 6 weeks time)

You’ll be given homework, with step by step video instructions and checklists, like:

Clean out your fridge

How to prep your meals for the week

How to deal with setbacks.

How to track your workouts

After six weeks, you will:

Review your progress with your coach &

Choose which workout option you like best (PT, group, Open gym, at-home plans or a hybrid combination )

Meet with a qualified Coach to discuss your nutrition

Start learning about mindset, dealing with stress, and how to fix the REST of your life!


It all starts with the Incubator: a short (but very focused) six weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching from the best in the business!