A bit about Mario

If you could have a superpower what would it be?


What would your specialist subject on mastermind be?

World Cup Rugby

Favourite type of coffee?

Black Americano (I like to treat myself to the odd Flat white *Full Fat)

One item of food you would never want to live without?

Cheesecake (Does that count?)

My journey in CrossFit started back in 2012, it was as stereotypical as it comes. My then Regional manager (at the sales job I was doing) had been doing it for 2 months and now was HOOKED! At that point in time I was Bro repping bench press at the local “globo” gym so I was naturally curious when he told me that CrossFit athletes were the fittest humans on the planet.

We spent that day’s lunch break consumed by CrossFit videos on YouTube(as you do) and I think it’s safe to say, I WAS CONVERTED! Fast forward only a few hours and I was booked on a Level 1 trainer certification and the rest is history.

As a gym owner my goal has always been to use the journey I had, to guide anyone I coach or mentor, through theirs. I started as a member of a box, entered an apprenticeship to coach, became a junior and then senior coach and finally the GM of the same gym where all of the above took place. My passion is and always will be to help you get better, regardless of where you are in your journey. Whether you’re a first time gym goer, a professional athlete or somewhere in the middle, I will meet you where you are, share the knowledge I have and help you grow.

Mario da Costa Henriques