What Our Customers Say?

  • James Bowskill

    I felt welcome from day one and before I knew it realised I was part of a really great community...


    "Within a year of joining Vauxhall I'd put on 10kg of muscle in all the right places. But more than that I learned a lot about my body — what it should and shouldn't do, how to strengthen, protect, and look after it. I'm amazed I spent over 30 years in my body without knowing that. I never considered how crucial coaches are, but they really make or break it. Vauxhall's coaches are absolutely top notch. I never feel stupid for asking questions, and learn something new at every session. The coaches know when to slow things down, when to rev it up, and when to give you a kick up the arse on lazy days. The box itself is great — I love the no-nonsense stripped down space under railway. It couldn't be further from a pretentious mirror-filled gym."

  • Elena Chikunova

    I didn't have any athletic or sports background and discovered the benefits of regular exercise only in my late 20s...


    "Before CrossFit I spent 2 years working out at gyms purely for aesthetic goals, with personal trainers and on my own, and fell in love with lifting weights but didn't push myself out of my comfort zone. I thought I was pretty fit when I took my first taster session but realised that my endurance, stamina and upper body strength were seriously lacking. I've been coming to CrossFit for 4 months now and found the coaches and fellow CrossFitters to be very welcoming and supportive, the workouts challenge me but leave me buzzing, I always get a good vibe as I walk through the door. My main priorities are good form and staying safe while working out and I love the personal attention I get from the coaches and the results I got in really short time, I feel stronger and more confident.”

  • Paige Elizabeth

    My fiancé and I both go to CrossFit Vauxhall. We love the locale, and the community is great....


    "I was a collegiate swimmer in the states, and CrossFit is similar (but a lot harder) than some of the dry-Land conditioning we did. I have an achiever mentality, and CrossFit is perfect for me. I'm able to measure where I'm at, push to develop new skills, and really work on my conditioning. As for the community, the team (coaches and athletes) are really supportive. I feel like everyone is there to work, and they like to have a good time doing it. The only thing I think I would add is more field day type events. I think it would be fun to get out of the box a little more and compete in different types of activities- stadium stairs, track workouts, swimming, etc. ”

  • James Dunn

    Great gym with a matching atmosphere and team...


    "Great gym with a matching atmosphere and team. Workouts are as tough as expected but the most valuable thing is the coaches' enthusiasm and constant drive to improve not just your fitness but technique as well. Cheers Freddie & Karl!”

  • Alex MacAndrew

    The coaching team do a great job to ensure steady progression of athletes...


    "The coaching team do a great job to ensure steady progression of athletes. I previously spent hours in the gym and was frustrated with the results. Crossfit has resulted in a step-change in my strength and fitness - plus I feel great! In addition, a pre-existing knee injury has been resolved by gradually building up strength, conditioning, and movement patterns via Crossfit.”

  • Natalie Wade

    Whatever your reasons for starting Crossfit the biggest change you will notice is your perception of self...


    "Whatever your reasons for starting Crossfit the biggest change you will notice is your perception of self. Whether you find yourself doing a handstand/pull up/box jump for the first time or picking up a bar you thought would be way too heavy: you will amaze yourself. Forget about what you think you can't do. Listen to your coach. Listen to your body. Each time you say "I can't do that" and your coach says "yet" - I promise you they are right. You CAN do it and you WILL do it. Every time you do something awesome someone will be there to give you a high five. And on the days when it just doesn't go right, someone will be there to pick you up. Because simply: we are a family.”

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