12.04.21 Update for Tier 3 Rules

  • CrossFit Vauxhall will re-open it’s doors on the 12.04.21 under governmental guidance; implementing strict rulings to maintain appropriate social distancing and minimal contact with individuals outside of their household. We enforce these rules to keep our members and staff safe and healthy.
  • In order to comply with current legislation for leisure facilities classes will be reformatted. Our aim is to do this with as little effect to your experience as possible.
  • We have taken advice from other gyms, as well as from CrossFit HQ and UK Active on how to proceed in order to comply with current government guidance. Instead of classes we will run ‘structured’ open gym sessions, which will start at specific times throughout the day.
  • For these structured open gym sessions the day’s programming will be written on the board, as well as a warm up suggestions and scaling options. A coach will be present to ensure social distancing is adhered to, to correct poor movement, to ensure general safety and to answer any questions from members.
  • We will only be running CrossFit workouts, with no speciality classes. We have taken this decision as we feel that we are unable to provide the appropriate level of coaching and guidance necessary to ensure your safety in class is prioritised.
  • There will also be ‘Non-structured’ open gym sessions running throughout the day where members can follow their own programming without a coach present, just like the current open gym format allows.
  • The only other change to the gym is that the Fuel Bar will only be open to takeaways so unfortunately you won’t be able to socialise in the Fuel Bar before or after your classes for the time-being. All of our other COVD-19 protocols will remain in place as below.
  • Drop-ins, Class Packs and Memberships are still available to purchase and you can continue to book in for your sessions as normal through Wodify.

General Rules For Members

  • Do not come to the gym if you are unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Keep 2m distance between yourself and other members and staff at all times. No physical contact between members and coaches / members of staff. So no hand shakes, high fives, fist pumps, hugs etc.
  • Only come to a class if you are booked in. If you need to cancel your place in class this will need to be done in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  • It is highly encouraged that where possible you arrive at the gym in your gym kit and travel home to change and shower. We understand this won’t always be possible so changing facilities will still be provided however.
  • Please wear a face covering when entering the facility and when making orders at the Fuel Bar.

Floor plan guide and procedures for members*


  • Follow the 1 way walking system. The main front doors to the gym will be open at all times.
  • Please sanitize your hands as you enter the gym from outside. There will be a hygiene station located at the entrance.
  • Please walk straight to your workout zone.
  • Face masks are not mandatory for people training or in class.

Changing Rooms

  • Due to the size and position of our changing rooms we will be keeping them closed as they are not fully conducive to social distancing. However all of our showers and toilets are open and have plenty of space to change in.

Training Zones

  • Please sanitise your hands as you enter the training zone. There will be a station there as well as between each training zone.
  • Reduced capacity classes will take place. 14 per class at maximum.
  • Please stay within your allocated training box which has been taped out for you. Please be considerate towards other gym members when getting out your equipment. There will be a set of rules clearly visible in each zone, so if you have any issues please refer to them before going to your coach for help.
  • Please clean and sanitise your equipment and the floor properly after the class. There will be 10 minutes factored into the programming to all for this to be performed to a high standard. Your personal cleaning spray bottle and disinfectant wipes will be in your zone as well as bins close by. Please alert your coach if you need more products.
  • Please do not linger around too much after class in the training zone. We will stagger classes so there will be less congestion between classes. However, if one of the training zones doesn’t have a class going on you are more than welcome to talk and socialise with other members there after the class- but please still keep 2 meters apart and disinfect anything that you many have touched.
  • We will not be using communal chalk at the gym, if you would like to use chalk please purchase a chalk ball from the fuel bar or bring your own. Please do not use liquid chalk and do not share your chalk with other members who are not in your household!

Cafe Useage

  • Please minimise the time you spend in the Fuel Bar, especially during the peak hours. There should be no more than 6 people in the cafe at one time.
  • Keep 2m distance if you are waiting to buy a coffee or snack.
  • As you know we only accept contactless payments at the Fuel Bar.


  • If any members would like to know who are our contracted cleaners, more information can be found on their website – Procleanss .They will be performing a deep clean before the gym reopens and thorough cleaning once we re-open. Deep cleaning of the floor takes place 3 times a week.
  • Members will be responsible for cleaning their equipment after use, but the CFV team will be making sure the equipment is fully cleaned and disinfected after each class and at the end of the day.