Owned by a self-confessed Crossfit addict, you’ll find Mike on the gym floor more often than not (seriously, we’re not joking).

United by a desire to create the best crossfit experience possible, Mike’s mantra has always been to deliver Crossfit…..only, better. 

With decades of experience coaching in Crossfit gyms all around the UK, he has taken these insights to create a superior Crossfit experience.


Joining CFV is different to joining other Crossfit gyms. 
We’ve created a unique membership onboarding process designed to:

  • make sure we have a thorough understanding of your goals
  • that we have the necessary time together to prepare you FULLY for Crossfit class 

Valuable one:one sessions continue throughout your membership meaning we’re constantly checking in, reviewing and refining your skills and abilities. This means you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your time invested at the gym and also means you get the best from our experience. 

Years in the business has taught us that this approach not only gets the best results, it ensures your longevity of training in the gym and enjoyment  in the gym.

Step 1

Book your free consultation

Come down to the gym to meet one of our coaches.

We want to know more about you, your training and how we fit into your fitness journey. During this chat, we’ll also talk you through our CrossFit Vauxhall community, our professional coaching, our programming and how we can help keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

Step 2

1-2-1 Onboarding

Based on your consultation, we will create the perfect onboarding process for you. At CrossFit Vauxhall we call our onboarding process Fundamentals. Your Fundamentals will cater for the level of fitness and/or CrossFit experience you currently have.

Step 3


You can now use all that you’ve learnt in fundamentals in our coach led group classes and begin your CrossFit journey at CrossFit Vauxhall. Included in your membership, you will get a number of 1-2-1 sessions so that your coach can help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

What the crossfit members say


I was anxious about having a new team at CrossFit Vauxhall, in large part because I am not in the typical demographic and I worry about not being strong enough, fit enough or even just “looking right”. I needn’t have worried as I have found nothing but support, encouragement and practical coaching from the coaches at CrossFit.


I do CrossFit because it gives me the opportunity, more than any other sport I’ve tried before, to get rewarded physically and mentally every single time I leave a class, without fail! I keep coming back because I love being coached by people who inspire me and know exactly what they’re doing and because the coffee is unbelievable of course!


I loved it from the start. The best part being the variety and the functional training aspect. You show up everyday to do a different set of exercises, there is a coach making sure you aren't injuring yourself with bad form, a group of enthusiastic and supportive people around you, and the time just flies by.
Joe Walker
28 April 2023

I travel to London for work and occasionally drop into this Box for a workout - I have always been i'm pressed with the level of coaching and how friendly and approachable the team are. Great CrossFit and a friendly community, what more could you want! A****

Ollie Mansbridge
31 March 2023

I dropped in for a workout. Great community and fantastic coaching from Charles. An all round brilliant experience!

Enrique V
14 March 2023

Joined 10 months ago… I cannot say enough good things about this place. Life changer for me… join!!!

Yebin Ahn
4 March 2023

BEST GYM in London or I will say in UK!!! My first visit was a year ago during my two month stay in London. I was always welcomed by all the coaches and ppl at the gym. Previously I only had 3-4 month experience with xfit and I wasn't sure whether it is the right type of workout for me. But my two months experience at CFV changed my life so much. Xfit is for anyone, especially at CFV! Since then, whenever I go visit London, the first place I go is CFV and do workout & meet ppl. Also, the workout is so diverse that you can choose which class to go. Please do crossfit at CFV!! Best coaches and people, so supportive 🙌 and ofc the best vibes >.< CFV 최고!!!

Ciaran Clarke
5 December 2022
Andrew Bell
20 October 2022
Eleonora Crepaldi
7 September 2022
Douglas London
29 July 2022

I dropped in for a class and was welcomed straight away by Charles. Really well coached class by Tom. Great facility with quality equipment.

Jessica Bremer
5 July 2022

I am so happy I chose this box to drop into while visiting London. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches, great members, clean and good sized facility and fun programming. Highly recommend if you're in London looking to start Crossfit or just looking to drop-in while travelling. You will not be disappointed! Thanks so much guys!



A full body, high-intensity workout which will leave you feeling amazing every time. Learn and develop new skills, push yourself to new levels and meet inspiring, like-minded people. All within a one hour class.
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Sweat, sweat and more sweat. Looking to burn the calories. Look no further. Low skill, high intensity.
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Work on developing your overall raw strength in all of our traditional compound lifts, whilst also building a balanced and injury free body through the use of many specific accessory exercises.
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Olympic Weightlifting

Timing, coordination, balance, speed, strength and mobility. We’ll help you develop and refine all of these characteristics to allow you to become all round more athletic.
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Work closely with a coach in a challenging class to to refine your gymnastic skills and drills specific to developing your all round CrossFit ability, one of the most effective ways of developing strength, coordination and body awareness.
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Monster Mash

Rule number one of Monster Mash; we don’t talk about Monster Mash...
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Learning how to use your body’s range of motion to its fullest potential with a world leading yoga teacher.
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