Jenna McKean

Jenna McKean

Jenna spent her teens and early 20’s living, studying and working in New Jersey (USA). She studied Psychology and graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey although she flopped around from school to school a bit, also studying at both Clemson University and Montclair State. When Jenna returned to the UK in 2012, she was unsure of what her next career move should be – graduate school or full time work?

Jenna had always been physically active and liked the idea of an adventurous life so she strongly considered joining the army. Her army recruiter suggested she tried CrossFit for strength and conditioning. So she did. Having bounced around in all sorts of sports growing up, from Karate to Swimming to Ice Hockey to Gymnastics (just to name a few!)…but nothing stuck quite like this. It transformed her goals, how she saw herself and who she wanted to be. Not long after Jenna joined she completed her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and quit her day job to start interning under Brian and some of the other coaches, most notably Duncan, Karl and Matt.

Jenna started CrossFit in late 2012 however a herniated disc which she suffered in early 2013 meant that she could no longer CrossFit, but she did keep herself busy with interning and rehab, and hoped one day she would make a full recovery. A year later she did just that and in 2014 she started weightlifting and after a just few months snatched her bodyweight (which to be fair isn’t very much!) but it gave her the confidence and hope that her injury would neither define her nor hold her back. A year later Jenna competed in the British Weightlifting Championships as a 53kg lifter, and placed a very respectable 6th in Britain for her weight class.

Outside of coaching and training, Jenna mostly spends her time eating and sleeping to recover from coaching and training. When she has a day or weekend free she tries to get out of London for some greenery or get to one of London’s beautiful parks with friends. Jenna travels as often as she can afford and is really quite family oriented, so she is equally happy to spend any free time she has catching up with family.

What was you first ever WOD: I think it was Fight Gone Bad which I got a wee score of 173 on (I mostly remember the 7kg wall ball feeling like an atlas stone and the target being 15ft tall).

Your favourite WOD: Amanda because I love snatches and muscle ups. But also any long, grindy chipper that you can plug away at and get lost in without too much thought.

Your least favourite WOD: Anything where it’s ALL barbell, like DT. Ironic for a lifter but I don’t weigh much, and getting bossed around by high rep deads, cleans and STOH at almost body weight is not my idea of a good time. With that said…I’ve hit this workout once and am tougher for it.

What is you guilty pleasure: Ale’s. Hoppy ones, amber ones, dark ones. I really love a good pint.

Your favourite wind-down: Sitting on a beach somewhere…

Your biggest achievement: Resisting delicious hoppy ales so that I can train hard and recover hard and make it to events like the British Championships

Jenna currently holds the following qualifications and certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • Strength & Power Level 1