Foundations Training: £60, 2 x 1.5 hour classes

Before starting CrossFit, we require every member to complete Foundations Training , before moving onto Beginner classes.

The Foundations course is broken into two, one and a half hour classes. Class A introduces you to the principles of lifting and Barbell movements. Class B teaches you core control and the Bodyweight/ Gymnastic movements you will be using again and again in  classes.

We presume you have no prior knowledge and pretty much everyone starting CrossFit is in the same boat. You won’t be made to look or feel stupid and no-one will be screaming or shouting at you and none of the training is heavy, we simply hand you a piece of PVC plastic pipe and teach you how to lift; nothing scary, just an introduction to the movements and techniques, at a pace you can follow. We teach you how to scale the gymnastic movements, so that everyone has an achievable starting point – don’t worry, we know that most people won’t have done gymnastics since they were a kid!

We will not be surprised or shocked if you have mobility or flexibility issues, we estimate about 30% of people starting training will have some sort of flexibility limitation, don’t worry, we’ll help you fix it. If you have a pre-existing injury, then this is not a problem, lots of people do, just make sure you notify the coaches when you arrive and we can work around it.

We run both weekday and weekend courses as follows:

Lunchtimes at CrossFit Central London, 1200-1330:

Barbell Skills (Intro A) are run on Tuesday lunchtimes and Gymnastics (Intro B) class on Thursday lunchtimes at 1200 -1330

Weekday evening Courses @ CrossFit Vauxhall, 1900-2030:

Intro A (barbells) is run on Mondays and Intro B (gymnastics)  is run on Tuesdays.

For the weekday evening Introduction Course A and B, click here, then pick Introduction Course A or B

Weekend Courses

A 3.5 hour combined Barbell Skills (Intro A) and a Gymnastics (Intro B) are held on a Saturday.

For 3.5 hour weekend Introduction Course, click here, this will take you to the seminars page, where you need to select Vauxhall in the drop down menu.

At the end of this training you will be ready to start training in our Beginners classes.